A System: "a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole."

Features of portal

Quick initialization

The initialization of Portal is very fast. The essential applications and features are usable immediately and the new portal is usable without programming. Using of the portal can be started as quickly as several hours.


Integration and Expandability

Navigo Portal supports Service Oriented Architecture(SOA).

Single Sign On (SSO)

Portal brings together different background applications and sources of information. User management is expandable and combined with LDAP, CAS-SSO, OpenID and other user directories.

Communities and Organization

The user’s unit and branch can be used to construct the organization’s user database within Portal. Each unit or branch can be given their own community which has their own document management, calendar and internal messaging. The user can be part of one or more communities.

User Management

The user management of the portal enables controlling of user rights by user, role or group.

Quick and easy settings

The user can easily add new applications to the page. Application order can be changed simply by dragging. The layout and columns can be administered with simple tools.

Portal wide search

The user can search for information in all the portal’s applications with one search feature. Results of the search are sorted by type and location.

Own workspace

A workspace is automatically created for the portal user, where the user can create a service entity and publish it in the desired scope.



Portal’s user interface is available in over 20 languages and the content management interface works by default in English, Swedish and Finnish. It is easy to add new languages. You can also create multilingual pages where the language of the site can be chosen by the user.


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