A System: "a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole."

Content and usability

Navigo Portal’s strengths help the person in charge of content to manage and create content in many ways and effectively. Content production basics are still simple enough that content production can still be decentralized if needed.

Portal combines information from different sources

Portal enables access to background systems and web applications in a uniform and controlled way with a single login. This means that the user can have a consistent experience without regards to the diversity of the background systems.

Content management can also be the collection and distribution of information, not just creation of information


Versatile content management

Portal’s content management is versatile – enabling rich content structure creation and administration. Also the contents reusability and management happen at a high level due to the advanced content model. The layout and metadata structures are controllable and changeable to meet the customer’s needs. The administrator can develop, expand and edit the structure of the contents, the layout and the metadata.

Same tools can be used to produce newsletters or to host an index of employees.


Easy to use editor

With the content editor, content is created and edited in its final form without the need for preview. The editor can also be used to add and edit tables, pictures and attachments. The editor works with most common browser so the user can use the browser of choice. If needed, the user can also be allowed to edit the html code.

A powerful editor enables rich content.



Portal has been designed to support the activities of communities. A community can be a work group, extra net, team or association, but the community always has a need to share information and work together. Many communal web service building blocks can be used with little customization or none at all. Portal offers ready to use components such as discussion forums, blogs, wikis, reviewing, commenting and surveys. The readymade portlets are expandable or can be developed to meet customer specific needs.

The readymade building blocks are usable to build communities or to enhance their interaction.

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