A System: "a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole."

Navigo Portal

Navigo Portal is a software product, which consists of a portal and a content management tool. Navigo Portal is used as a base for webpage creation and online content management. The product is based on Liferay technology, which enables multiple extensions into the product.

Effective and diverse content management

Navigo Portal’s content management is based on experiences gained from Navigo CMS. However, it is a totally rewritten application system. Navigo Portal’s content management is more centralized than before, and in many ways more efficient and diverse. Both portal management and WYSIWYG editor function on all modern and common browsers.

Developed content model

Content management is highly developed in Navigo Portal due to its content model. Multiple content - and metadata structures can be managed and edited by the administrator.
Personalized features and software applications are separated from the core of the product. Navigo Portal supports numerous technologies that can be used to build personalized solutions, which are long lasting and easy-to-update.

Future of Navigo Portal

The development of Navigo Portal has been concentrating on the cooperation of content management and the portal. In the future the number of portals offered will be increased. The user interface is also under development towards being more user friendly.
Product development will focus next on producing a new version of Navigo Portal.


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