A System: "a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole."

Five good reasons

1. Easy to use

In Navigo CMS, the editing of content happens directly in the final layout. Navigo CMS is clear and easy to use since it doesn’t require the user to have specific technical skills. Editing with Navigo can be done in a web browser in English, Swedish or Finnish language. Separate programs or add-ons to the user’s browser are not required.


2. Flexibility

In Navigo CMS the editing of content happens straight into text. The user can modify the styles, headings, bolding, links and tables. The user can also copy and paste material from word processors and spreadsheet applications, as well as from other websites. It is easy to add text or other attachments. Links are created automatically. The format of the page stays consistent and in control of the user. The layout of the page can be changed simply by changing the template.


3. Adaptability

Navigo CMS’ layout and HTML code can be specified freely. The site can be implemented so that it confirms to chosen standards. Navigo CMS has advanced metadata control, XML and RSS feeds, as well as easy to use printing and PDF version settings. The design of the site can be done by either Ch5Finalnd or by an outside party such as an advertising agency. The user can choose between internal, Ch5 Finland and third party in terms of web hosting as well as an application service provider (ASP) model.

4. Versatility

With Navigo CMS’ stock features (such as sitemap, search features, navigation and timed publication) even a large organization’s web services can be built. The versatile user management works independently or can depend on a separate user directory (such as MS Active Directory). Available additional features (such as web store, news group, forums and newsletter) are easily installable.


5. Continuity

Navigo CMS content management system is used by hundreds of different web services. Ch5 Finland has ten years of experience in content management systems and continues to develop its products consistently. Navigo CMS users also have significant influence on what the features are included in future updates.

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