A System: "a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole."

Navigo CMS is easy to use

The web service is managed through an internet browser from its own password protected updating page. The content producer does not have to worry about the layout or navigation of the page as these are implemented automatically.

The structure of the website can be edited from a tree structure view, similar to ones used in Windows. Anyone who has used the common office applications will have the skills necessary to edit content within Navigo CMS. With a content management system it is easy to generate pages using text, pictures, links, lists, files and charts. With the same tool, functional elements such as forms, news listings and product lists can be added. Content elements can also be freely arranged, edited, copied and pasted. 
Building and updating of a web service is more than constructing web pages. The layout of the pages in Navigo CMS can be changed by page. Also the pages have versatile identifier and meta data for search and navigation features. A page may also be presented in multiple languages as well as have protected subpages.

The most important feature of Navigo CMS – easy to use editor

Content is edited from a preview window in Internet Explorer. In the editing view the most common text editing features such as undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, text type selection, bolding, italicization, subscript, superscript and link creation are available. Content can be copied and pasted straight from other documents such as Word and HTML without losing links and formatting.


Easy to use content management can be decentralized

Content management can be decentralized for many reasons. Content management may be moved closer to the know-how or then part of the communication may be outsourced. Only a easy to use system such as Navigo CMS can be decentralized without further costs.


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