A System: "a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole."

Additional Components

The basic features of Navigo CMS can be expanded with the use of the following additional components:


Navigo Forum

Navigo forum is a place for registered users to meet and discuss current topics. Users can be limited by using Naigo user management groups. Messages are displayed in a tree view where it is easy to grasp the order. The administrator may also delete inappropriate messages and block users from posting or viewing threads.


Navigo Newsletter

The newsletter requires a template on which content is created in the same way as on other Navigo pages. The contents may contain links to your site and be dispatched to recipients at a chosen time. A report lets you monitor the status of the delivered messages. Recipients can be registered users from the site or imported from electronic mailing list that is in CSV format.


Navigo Collector

Create one or more forms on the website that is used to gather information or feedback. The information from the forms is arranged into a database and the results can be seen in Navigo administrator view. The information can be sorted in Navigo or exported in text format to use with spreadsheet or word processing programs.


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