A System: "a set of interacting or interdependent entities, real or abstract, forming an integrated whole."

Navigo Products

Navigo Product family

Navigo product family includes a content management system Navigo CMS and Navigo Portal, portal application. Navigo products are constantly updated, secure and search engine friendly.

standard-220x47.jpgNavigo CMS is a content management application, which enables the building of web sites and their management. The strength of Navigo CMS is its unified interface and the effortless cooperation of different components within the service. Navigo CMS functions on all servers. The whole appearance of a web site is easy to change, centralized and contents can be modified straight in the browser environment.
navigo-portal_72.jpgNavigo Portal is a portal application that can be used to create advanced and versatile network services. Portal offers a concentrated focal point for different kinds of contents and operations, which can be situated in multiple different systems. Portal is often the homepage. An example for corporate use is the electronic desktop, which collects and refines the information provided by background systems into the form that the user needs.

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